There is an extremely low chance your order will be x-rayed when it is processed through customs. However, none of the formulas is exposed to irradiation. Infant formula or cereals are not subject to irradiation. None of our products shipped overseas are getting irradiated no matter to which country they will be shipped.

Please note that irradiation and x-raying are two totally different things.  Irradiation is a complex mechanism, that perishable products go thru to kill any potential germs or bacteria to prevent the spread of disease in the country where the product entering.

X-raying is a simple thing, just like when you go through an airport, everything that enters or exits in a country must be x-rayed. Even your handbags and luggage are X-rayed when entering through the airport or via sea route. It’s a simple process of customs clearance without opening boxes and physically testing.

X-ray machines do let off hints of radiation, but not enough to “hurt” the formula.  The formula is NEVER irradiated.

Please read this article for a better understanding of X-ray and irradiation. How the process happens, what are their purpose and intensity, etc?